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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Empyreal Pays a Visit

     As the number of highly paying guilds sprang into existence, I decided to pay them a visit. I wanted to assess the current performance of the guild. As far as I can remember, no recruitment was done prior to woe.

     First stop was the Superhero guild. Penetrating their stronghold wasn't much of an effort. All the attempts in conquering their castles were executed well and the results didn't change.

     We also ventured to other new guilds but sadly I forgot their names. =P

     Then came the real battle. Fighting against Epitome and Mythology was no easy task considering the difference in numbers. We managed to hold them off on their initial attempts but it didn't last long. Our usual visitors also knocked on our doors. The guests were Fishpond, Kings, and Dream Team. The heat somewhat rose between DT and us. After their successful assail, we sought vengeance. We did obtain a sweet revenge. Anyway, the matches against them though were fun though. Nothing personal.

    When we settled at Neusch, much to our surprise, our "rival" guild seemed to be few in numbers. There were only 3 of them who entered the castle and committed suicide as I would consider it. I suspect that their pockets are empty for this woe causing their hired men to look for another employer.

    The highlight in this woe was the blood-soaked havoc in Sacred Altar. As usual, the long time holder of SA, Legends, was protecting the fortress. After several interruptions in casting ecall, I successfully did it after finding a distraction. Approximately 7 guilds were fighting to take possession of the castle. Although we failed, it was a blast. Legends' prevailed after the epic battle.

     While Epitome was defending Neuschwanstein, we tried to take over. We were able to slip through their defenses and I successfully cast ecall. Empyreans rushed to the emperium and shattered it. Unplanned, we simultaneously defended Skoegul and Neuschwanstein. It was no easy task since our strength was halved after dividing the players equally between the mentioned castles. With 5 minutes remaining, Fishpond charged in Neusch. The faction defending in Neusch wasn't enough letting the assailant hostage the castle. After the fall in Neusch, everybody rushed to Skoegul to establish a good defense in the final minutes while I went back to Neusch in hopes of being able to cast ecall. Time was short for me in Neusch thus woe ended with us possessing Skoegul.

-Toxa Classico I

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