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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Lakandula Sponsors Q&A Event

     After the exhilarating woe last Wednesday, I hosted a question and answer event which was sponsored by Lakandula. The event consisted of 10 rounds with 30c awaiting the victor in each round. The topic was about RO. The first one to type in the correct answer and enter the pub wins the round. The winners are as follows:

Round  1 : Jann
Round  2 : Arthur!
Round  3 : Crunk
Round  4 : Pain
Round  5 : Crunk
Round  6 : Crunk
Round  7 : Pain
Round  8 : Crunk
Round  9 : Crunk
Round 10 : Jann

     On the second round, Jovs was the first one to get the answer right but he gave the price to someone else. I dropped a skull and whoever gets it first and deal it back to me gets Jovs' prize. It was Arthur's quick hands that allowed him to grab the skull first. Jann won the final round by being the first one to answer the question "What character/monster does a S.B.R.44 skill?" with the answer Filir.

     In the latter part of the event, some members from Fairy Tails, our alliance, joined us. It was good seeing both guilds interact with each other.

-Toxa Classico I

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