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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Irrational Much

     Woe started out with the Empyreans establishing a defense in one of the past woe's castle which is Neuschwanstein. The defense was poor. I found it disappointing to see the trappers slacking off their job. People kept going in and out of the emp room. Others were staying at pre emp without a solid defense. We somehow managed several attempts of occupation of Fishpond, Swastikas, Soul Revelion, and Sige Pagkalat Mo in the first few minutes but as I had been expecting, the emperium broke. Fishpond successfully took over but we managed to get it back. Cognoscenti also attempted a penetration but it didn't work out. In the long run, the trappers seemed to have come to their senses and improved the traps(there were still loopholes though) SPM unceasingly went back, making several attempts to take possession. I do have a hunch why they kept on coming back but I might be wrong though. I'm giving it the benefit of the doubt. Putting that aside, we managed to occupy Neusch in the end with the emperium being broken around 3 to 4 times only.

     After the siege, 2 players(I wont be stating names) went to the turf accusing the guild of using dirty tactics. They didn't have a guild but I managed to remember the name and from which guild he is from. I won't be mentioning the guild where they are from for I am giving the guild the benefit of the doubt if indeed they were sent to whine on us or it was a personal issue. He said kept on saying "nice style and effective" stuff. At first I didn't understand but he then mentioned about someone dealing him to block his view. I told him it might be unintentional. He pushed through with his accusation in an irrational manner. He didn't even tell me who was dealing him. My point is that he could have addressed it in a better way, not involving and accusing the whole guild regarding the incident. People do rotate their screens during woe to have a better view and may unintentionally click on the deal button. He should have told me who did that and I would personally take care of the matter. And hey, didn't he even know about a command called /nt or @noask? Seriously, to whoever you are(wont be placing your name) learn the basic commands. I do not tolerate any form of cheating! To whoever this person is here's what I have to say to you, be more rational will you? Stop your pointless whining.  Bottom line is, stop generalizing. Be rational enough.

     Anyway, enough with that. Mazkara had a scheduled event after woe but everybody was tired from the 2-hour action packed woe. The event will most likely be rescheduled.

     To the mentioned guilds, I do assume they're friendly matches.

Nice woe everyone.

-Toxa Classico I

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