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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lakandula Hosts a Sinx Event

     With much enthusiasm, our newly promoted guild mate Lakandula decided to host a royal rumble event for sinxs. Five gallant sinxes joined the event. The rules were as follows: No vitems, niles, sleip, kage[1], cyc, Thanatos card, , status effect card, stripping cards, lhz cards, swordbreaker, mailbreaker refined armors(weapons only), and outside buffs. Equipments should be open all the time. The objective of the event was to assassinate all the sinxes and be the last assassin standing. There were 5 rounds. 50c awaited for the victor of each round.

Auolous Eerie
Sinx Crystal
Midou Ban-(Me)

Round 1 - Crystal
Round 2 - Midou Ban-
Round 3 - Midou Ban-
Round 4 - Midou Ban-
Round 5 - Crystal

Well I wasn't planning to join but just to stir things up, I asked if I could join and they agreed. Jovs should have won in round 2 but Lakandula noticed that his armor was refined so he was asked to change it and the round was restarted.

Summing it all up it was a fun event. Nice game to all the participants and nice event to the event host Lakandula!

P.S. Sorry I failed to get an ss. :(

-Toxa Classico


  1. i miss empyreal lets woe again guys -Lakandula

  2. Heyyyy! Kuya Eric! It would be great! Try to keep in touch. :D