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Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Blog's Future

     It has been more than a year since the guild was officially established. Sadly, the guild became inactive before it reached a year of existence due to certain reasons. At present, we walk on our separate ways, facing our own endeavors. Some focus on their studies. Some have been kept busy by real life responsibilities. Others keep on venturing the field of gaming. There are those who have gone with the wind to places nobody knows where. Yet, despite the different roads we are pursuing, the memories spent together while hanging out at the turf (ah yes, good ol' payon 100 270) and during sieges will always be remembered and cherished.

The Blog's Original Purpose

"This blog is created mainly for any news or updates concerning the guild(Empyreal). Activities such as woe, guild events, server events wherein the guild or any guild member participates, and real life or in-game hang out moments will also be included in this site. Significant server news or updates will also be posted.

There are pending topics that will be included in the blog. Guides regarding quests or technical support may possibly be added. Minor updates and events are also pending to be included. Discussions about significant topics may also be posted.
If things work out well for the blog and the guild, we might include other topics of interest.
The blog is made available to the public but is specifically created for the members of the guild.
The creation and maintenance of the blog site is spearheaded by me(Kagami Kyouji/Toxa Classico) with the aid of ChocoLove.
I personally hope that both the site and guild will be successful. Enjoy!"

 At Present

     The blog was originally intended for relaying news and updates concerning the server and the guild. Due to the guild's inactivity, I have decided to make revisions regarding the guild's purpose. And also, at some point, this also serves as a place for self improvement, for me to practice writing articles and also a form of tension reliever. The revised purpose of the blog would be as follows:

  • Relay news and updates with regards to the server, specifically Dark RO Force(I'll try to post the soonest time possible)
  • Provide a support index on guides concerning Ragnarok and DarkRO(quests, FAQs, etc)
  • Post current server events
       I am maintaining and updating this blog single-handedly now. I cannot promise prompt updates because of  college demands and my hectic schedule. I do hope for the best with this project.

This is a personal blog and is not officially part of Dark RO. Due acknowledgement is given to the respective sources.

-Toxa Classico

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