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"The highest reaches of heaven, believed by the ancients to be a realm of pure light"

Thursday, April 21, 2011



          The guild started out on Dec 8, 2010. It was formerly known as Shadows Of Illumination which disbanded for some reasons. Some members of SoI made a new guild named Litany of Luminance, others wandered off aimlessly. After some time, the SoI members decided to rebuild the guild again which is now the present Empyreal.

Currently, the guild is primarily composed of a group of irl friends who wants to have fun.


          Most of you might think that guild name's spelling is wrong or "dude, shouldn't the spelling be Imperial?" but if you ask Mr. Google, you would see that the name actually exists(woah!). Empyreal means the highest reaches of heaven, believed by the ancients to be a realm of pure fire or light; relating to the sky or heavens; celestial; supreme.


          The guild aims to meet new people and friends, and have fun. Through the guild, we do not only bind ourselves to the game but we actually open ourselves to new horizons, to other fields of interests.

Empyreal 2012

           What has become of Empyreal as of 2012? Since the declaration of the guild's inactivity last August 2011, we went on our separate ways. As a way to reminisce the fun and adrenaline, I compiled some of the most memorable woes and experience of Empyreal and called it Empyreal 2012. Enjoy the video.


   Toxa Classico/Kagami Kyouji - Guild Master

          I, Kagami Kyouji, started on 2006. Back then, I was known as Killua. I then changed my in-game name to Toxa Classico. The latter name became known during my stay at the Thanatos Tower. I then ventured to the Somatology Laboratory to try my luck. Things turned out well and up to now, I continue to hunt down the laboratory's bosses. At present, I am known as Kagami Kyouji, the group's guild master.

          Character Specializations: I was known in the field of assassins. I retired from the job and currently play as a stalker.

   ChocoLove/Bagz - SubGM

         ChocoLove, the guild's muse(do forgive me for this Bagz :D ), started to wander the vast world of Rune-Midgard around 2007. ChocoLove was formerly known as bagz345 or BagzYo. Since he didn't find satisfaction in his former ign and believed that the name wasn't on the same level with his/her beauty, he came up with ChocoLove. He also climbed the Thanatos Tower together with me. ChocoLove is currently a resident of the Somatology Laboratory. ChocoLove entertains the guild through seductive dances and sexy moves.

          Character Specializations: ChocoLove started out as a lord knight but ChocoLove realized her true beauty and turned out to be a gypsy.

       (P.S. The repetition of the name ChocoLove is intentional for certain reasons. Hahaha. Peace Bagz. xD )

   ObiClutch Kenobi - SubGM

          As the guild's breaker, ObiClutch Kenobi shatters the emperium in a flash. His ninja-ninja skills and swabe moves allows him to discreetly reach the emperium and whack it.
          On 2008, he began to explore the world of darkRO, completely clueless about what awaits him. After some time, he was able to make a name for himself.
          His wit and competence has helped in the guild's development.
          He prefers to be called "Clutch".

          Character Specializations: At first, he was a gunner but he then decided to try out the field of assassination where he soon specialized and was known.

   RayGun.v.2 - Core Member

          RayGun.v.2 is also known as Mr. Papable. Alongside ChocoLove, he keeps the spirit of the guild up. His cheesy lines and papalicious moves are really something. He has been playing since 2008.
          His friendly aura aids the guild in establishing diplomatic relationships. His cheerful attitude would surely keep you up.

          Character Specializations: He has tried playing as a paladin and a stalker but he has greatly improved his knowledge with professors.

   Kyras Azariah - Core Member

          Kyras' words of wisdom, taken from distant lands to unknown to man, has inspired men and women to continue to strive despite the adversities they face.

          He was formerly known as the self proclaimed the great "Tezeentch". He has been around since 2007. Being an environmentalist, he is fond of nature and pets, especially those cute little baphomet juniors. He has(maybe had) been a hater of priests(in game character of course). Currently, he is on a quest in becoming the ultimate warrior(not literally in game).

          Character Specializations: As a man of witchcraft and wizardry who became a devout monk, he continues his journey in internalization and introspection. He plays as a lord knight too from time to time.

That's a glimpse of us. We hope to know you(members) too.

-Toxa Classico

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