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Friday, April 22, 2011

ChocoLove Sponsors an Event!

      Due to the excessive wealth of the almighty guild muse, ChocoLove(kidding), an event took place yesterday, April 21, 2011, wherein all guild members had the opprtuninty to participate. Kagami Kyouji supervised the event but it was sponsored by the muse herself. The goal was simple, the first one to kill Chocolove and claim three pieces of HER skull would be the victor. The catch was that its going to be a rumble among 8 guys including facilitators (me,jovs and ChocoLove). The moment the fight started, it was a complete chaos around the battlefield, asura strikes, arrows and dead bodies everywhere. Amidst the fighting, ChocoLove was pretty much ignored due to random duels and "gang banging". Then a few minutes later people started to remember the objective which was to kill ChocoLove. Most lacked the means to put ChocoLove out of her misery due to her nigh impenetrable defenses , seductive dances and songs. But in the end of the first round I noticed that people stopped fighting and she lay dead on the floor with Mr.DreamRain claiming her skull.The next round was pretty quick and straightforward, with Mazkara punching an insanely powerful Asura Strike through ChocoLove's defenses. There was then a quick scramble to get ChocoLove's skull from her corpse which suprisngly ended once again in Mr.DreamRain's hands. In the final round, the facilitators took it a step higher in protecting the queen to make things more interesting. We fought side by side, shoulder to shoulder, protecting ChocoLove as best as we can. Although we fought and danced hard(ChocoLove) she was eventually mobbed and in another scramble to claim her skull, Mr.DreamRain emerged victorious amongst overwhelming odds and fierce of competition. He received 2b as a reward.

-Kyras Azariah
*Edited and proofread by Toxa Classico I

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