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Friday, April 29, 2011


Clutch wasn't responding when I was calling him so he's not here.
       With more than 30 Empyreans online, the much anticipated Wednesday woe began. Things didn't turn out the way we wanted it though. Everything was disorganized and seemed like a total mess.

       We started the woe by trying to defend our castle from last Monday's woe which was Neuschwanstein. We were able to pull it out well for the first 10 to 20 minutes but the numerous waves of invaders pierced through our defenses causing us to lose possession of the stronghold.

       The following events were chaotic and somehow catastrophic. No one was listening. Orders were neglected. Some had technical problems. Most went on their own separate ways. Clutch had some in real life ninja-ninja stuff to do for him to be able to go online. Pally Chimorin, my personal devotionist, wasn't on too so I had difficulties in ecalling.

       When both Clutch and Chimorin were able to get in the game, there was a sigh of relief. But the situation didn't alleviate. I made a number of ecalls which failed. In some of my ecalls, no one broke the emperium letting another guild snatch the castle. There were ecalls where we were too late to reach the emperium and another guild took possession.

     In the last 5 minutes, I decided to go after Fadhgridh. Pally Chimorin and I stormed in the castle. Exile was defending and I accidentally went too far from the range of devotion and eventually died. I went back for another try, trying to gamble with fate. One minute was left. I rushed to the emperium room. Thirty five seconds left. Pally Chimorin was still in the emp room and we met half way as I arrived. Thirty seconds remaining. I casted ecall by the stairs. 29...28...27. The heat of battle continued to rise as each second passed. 26...25... Emergency Call !! A swarm of Empyreans spawned and mobbed the emperium. Fifteen seconds left. A yellow broadcast appeared stating that Fadhgridh was taken by Empyreal.

    Vhon, a new recruit, was proclaimed as the wowowoer for his splendid performance as a breaker when the guild was pursuing Skoegul.

       Even though the woe was quite messy, the last 5 minutes was heart stopping.

    Lesson learned. Organization, teamwork, and compliance to orders are vital.

-Toxa Classico

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