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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mister Papable

Since I'm not available last Saturday's woe, April 30, Jovs acted as GM in my behalf. I made a short interview about the happenings and how he felt as a GM.

Toxa: What did you feel when you led the Empyreans
Jovs: I was tensed because I might not be able to EC. I thought there was a bug. Then Bagz arrived
and told me that I have to wait for 5 min.
Toxa: What did you feel after being able to cast EC?
Jovs: I was relieved. We were able to get Fad. Then I tried Holy Shadows. I was afraid since I
I didn't have a pally.
Toxa: Did you have any disappointing or embarrassing moments?
Jovs: I went to Bamboo Groove Hill and ECed beside the emp but we all died. So I decided to go to
Scarlet but ETL came. They were many so I went to Eeyol and ECed in the last 10 minutes. We
hostaged it. Then we broke it in the last 5 minutes. Three minutes before woe ended, I ECed
to regroup the team. Edmart was able to get Hohen in the last minute.
Toxa: Fun moments?
Jovs: Fail EC?
Toxa: Lol.
Jovs: That was not fun. :C . Conquering a castle because of your EC. That is fun.
Toxa: Last question. Learning experience?
Jovs: Teamwork is important. We were disorganized at first. And it's different if the members
are loyal and honest. I accidentally gave 200 ygg boxes to one member but he returned the

So that ends my short interview with our own Mr. Papable, Jovs. He was tensed in the duration of the interview. Lol.

So the woe ended with the guild having 2 castles.

Mazkara was the wowowoer of the siege.

Woe later Empyreans! Have fun!

-Toxa Classico I

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