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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dark RO Staff

*This is quite out of date*
*There is a command @chkstaff to confirm if the character is a staff member*

To avoid any unwanted situations such as being scammed or hacked by staff impersonators

SnO in Black = Force
SnO in Red = Pie

Game masters speak in Yellow, Developers in Brown, Support and Order in Blue, Events in Pink.

Names of the staff members listed above are their forum names and may differ from their legit staff character's IGN. Prior changes might have been made. Will update it to the most recent staff.

If someone attempts to do any misdeeds, you may report at the Report Abuses section of the forum using the proper format. In case you have unfortunately been a victim of their schemes, here's how to post a hack report.

Latest update: 05/1/12

Disclaimer: I'm not in anyway part of the staff. This is personally made by me and is not an official release though the content is from a pinned topic in the forum.


  1. needs to be updated :D

  2. Yes sir. I will update it the soonest time when I have time to spare. Thank you for dropping by.