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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Enriched Elunium, Make or Break

     Now that I'm quite free, I have the time to post some new cool stuff. :D

     Ever wondered how Enriched Eluniums work? This topic will clear the mystery this mineral brings. Make or break. Success or fail. It still roots down to chance.

     Before we proceed to how it actually works, let's learn first how to obtain the item. There are only 2 ways to get the item, either by donating(tickets) or by buying from other players in game.

     To use enriched eluniums, talk to Suhnbi at payon 170 140. He's the counterpart of Hollengrhen.

     How do e.elus work?

     Dark RO has modified the script of the original. Chances stay the same when using normal eluniums. Instead of raising the success chance in refining, it uses the same success rate with Hollengrhen simply and gives the user a second chance on a single attempt. So if the first one fails, it automatically gives you a second shot in that same attempt.

    Normal elunium's success rate:

     Success rate of e.elus in force are modified. IRO states this success rate:

Red colored numbers mean no improvement over normal Oridecon or Elunium. (from IROwiki)

     Here's an official statement from Matias from this topic in the forum.

     "Just because I got a few PMs and stuff to look into this topic, I am posting, although its pretty much the only post I'll make here, considering most people belive what they want to belive.

     Chance are exactly the same and they havnt been modified. Bit over 2 months ago there was a tweak on the NPC due to a wrong commit, which slightly increased Enriched Elunium chances of refining, although this only lasted for a few hours and I think it was before people pointed out the overupgraded VMs. So I am pretty sure none noticed anything.

     Remember Enriched Elunium doesnt give you higher success rate, it simply gives you a second shot on a single line in case first on fails (Avoid breaking). It uses the same success rate as Hollengrhen, so if Enriched Elunium chances were modified to be way lower, as some people are claiming, it'd have affected all other refiners.


And no, chance isn't 100% and has never been, it's two times 60% from +4 to +5."

     Case cleared.

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