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Friday, May 11, 2012

Happy 19th

     Well, this is not really related to Dark RO or RO itself(which is the scope of this blog) but am gonna post this anyway. So, today's my birthday and I had a unique way of celebrating it this year. I had an advanced celebration the night before my day. We were practicing for a verse choir presentation for our finals. It was around 9 pm and the place where we were practicing was already unavailable after we ate our dinner(which took us around an hour yet we only agreed to have it for 30 min. Not so surprising. :PP) The closest and only place for us to practice was a nearby pizza place. In formality, we ordered a 32-inch pizza so we could stay and make use of the place for our practice. I decided to treat our group for a job well done. It was a great way to spend your birthday in advance, being with friends, having a balanced practice with food and laugh trip.

     On the 11th, my birthday, I went to our university to pass some requirements. When I arrived, I was welcomed with greetings left and right. Then, spent some time hanging out at a computer shop with CSmates. Went home, had a good nap so I may have the energy for our Informatics final exams the next day. In the evening, our family went out for a simple dinner. My system was so full that I can't afford to munch more food.

     I might be putting up my own personal blog. I'm just looking for time, for time is so limited. Yeah, same reason. College. :P

     I am really grateful to those who greeted me in facebook, twitter, and to those who texted me. I did have a great one! :D

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