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Friday, April 22, 2011

1st Two Weeks of Woe with Recruits


          After a period of hiatus and several months of brainstorming and discussing about the recruitment, the day we had been longing for, the day of woeing with young Empyreans, arrived. Last April 9, 2011, Empyreal woed together with the new recruits. It was one action packed woe. Although I forgot if we had a castle or not, it was fun fighting alongside our fellow Empyreans.

          The first ever wowowoer of the guild was Makpulps. He displayed great dedication in SGing throughout the siege.

April 11 - As expected on a Monday woe, we were a bit off in numbers. Despite that, we still managed to work it out. In the end, we decided to get scarlet because we somehow lacked man power.

The core chose Top Rank as the wowowoer of the siege. With his lethal daggers, he discreetly slew the incoming foes.

April 13 - The guild is now growing in numbers. We got new and fresh faces. The guild is now faced with new challenges. In totality, it was an action packed woe. I can't remember what castle we had at the end of the woe though. xD

          d[xD]b otherwise known as Gabo was declared as the wowowoer for April 13's woe. His perseverance to do the task assigned to him led the core to chose him as the MVP.

April 16 - Since I was not available, Jovs acted as GM in my stead. I can't say much about this woe since I wasn't there. In the end, they got eeyolbriggar.

April 18 - Now we're talking. On the first hour of the woe, we defended prontera castles. The guild's name is now spreading throughout Rune-Midgard. We faced big guilds like Kings, Cognoscenti and Legends. We managed to hold them off for a while but we eventually lost. Even though our fate against the big guilds was predetermined I'm proud to say we weren't defeated easily. I suppose they were friendly matches though. We had Fadhgridh in the last 5-8 minutes of woe. During the last minute, I miscalculated my last ecall in Neuschwanstein and we ended up having one castle which is Neus instead of having both Fad and Neus.

          There was no wowowoer since he went off. I forgot who it was. xD

April 20 - For the first time, 30+ members were online. It's nice to see new people around. In the duration of the woe, the big guilds were somehow chasing us though I do not really know if they were really chasing us or if they did that intentionally. But we did somehow manage to give a good fight.
During the last 2 or 3 minutes, we defended Fadhgridh but some guys from BP or was it Kings went after us. We tried to go after it in the last min but sad to say that we didn't have much time to break it.
The guild is still young and we have much to learn as a guild. By time, we'll surely become better and better.

          We chose Silent Shooter as the wowowoer since he had this passion of "desperadoing" in the course of the woe.

April 20 woe pics:

Enjoy every woe!

-Toxa Classico I