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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Against the Odds

April 23 - It was again time for the valiant warriors of Empyreal to step into battlefield. Twenty five Empyreans set off to the much awaited War of Emperium.
          In the first  45 minutes of the woe, the guild went castle hopping as we were being chased again by Kings and Fishpond. It was the typical woe scenario where we break, defend, the castle gets broken, and look for another castle.


        Then came the action. As we somehow failed to establish a permanent occupancy in one of the Prontera castles, I decided to settle at Rothenburg. The Death Spade guild was holding the castle. I then charged in the castle. As some members and I arrived in the emperium room, we were surprised by the numerous army of the opposing team. I rushed straight to the emperium with Pally Chimorin, my personal devotionist, backing me up. Pious to his obligations as a paladin, he put himself to the line, holding his ground despite all the bashes, arrows, spells and wounds he received, as I casted ecall. Those mortal wounds didn't matter. They were for glory. Amidst the great havoc that surrounded us, I was finally able to complete casting the ecall, thus summoning the Empyreans by my side, gallant, fearless, ready to face the adversity before us. In the midst of the bloodshed, the Empyreans managed to drive off the opposition and take hold of the castle.

          The incident somehow provoked Death Spade and they sought revenge. They went full force on us, making us fall back to the emperium. Their first wave failed to break the emperium but much to our surprise, a second wave was fast approaching. It was then that the emperium was shattered. We managed to regain possession of it again though.

          There were other guilds who were after us. There was the Anbu Squad guild which was our ally the day before. I have no idea why they ended the diplomatic relationship but it doesn't really matter. The new recruits of Empyreal who left the guild were in Anbu. They were ill-mannered anyway so I didn't care much. They failed in their plot to invade the castle though.

          Exceed The Limit, Fishpond and some Blueprint members were there too.

          And then, there was Kings. It was a great fight against them. I had the chance to talk my friend from Kings and they said it was just a friendly match.

          The intense race continued for about 40 minutes. The highlight was when the 4 guilds, namely Death Spade, Kings, Fishpond and Exceed The Limit and Fishpond, simultaneously attempted to take the castle from us. In the end we managed to drive them off and retain possession of the castle. It was a really really fun match.

          In the last 30 minutes of woe, we took a 10 minute break. After the break, we aimed for Skoegul. We took possession of it in the last 7 minutes but unfortunately it was taken by Dream Team. While the others were defending Skoegul, Pally Chimorin and I attempted to storm Fadhgridh. Too bad, he was mobbed and eventually died and I wasn't able to properly cast ecall. In the end, Lord Coures managed to get Nuenburg so we ended up with one castle.

          The wowowoer was ProtectYouEmp because of his great performance during the 30 minute series of hot roller coaster events at Rothenburg.

          All in all, that was one awesomesauce woe. We had a great duel with Kings. I would not comment about the insolent behavior of some Death Spade and Anbu Squad members. It was really fun and I hope we will have more of this kind of woe in the future.

-Toxa Classico I

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