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"The highest reaches of heaven, believed by the ancients to be a realm of pure light"

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Much in the Clutch

         War was on again as the Empyreans set off. This woe was rather different though as for the first hour or so, GM Kagami Kyouji and Sub GM Chocolove had been incapacitated in real life. The only core members present at the time were Clutch and Jovs were present. Without ecall or box of thunders, the Empyreans fought through the odds and conquered Fadhgridh as their first castle. Even with the lack of resources, Empyreal was able to defend well against Kings, BP and Death Spade. After a complete storm by Kings though, Empyreal switched over to Swan which they defended for over half an hour until the arrival of their leader. Now the show was on. Resupplied and re-energized, the Empyreans stormed Prontera castles unceasingly. Blablabla deffed Kriem, BP ecalled, etc etc. Then, when things seemed bleak, our faithful leader set up a huge play at Neuschwanstein with an epic ecall. All that was left was the emperium to break and thus woe ended with Silent Shooter gaining wowowoer honors with his unceasing desperado.

-ObiClutch Kenobi
*proofread by Toxa Classico I

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