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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ranking System

Developed specifically for Empyreal by its core members. Inspired from Shadows of Illumination ranking system. The development of this system is the product of the brainstorming of the core members. Any claims on owning the originality of this system is a total hoax.

     At last we have finalized the ranking system. This system does is not in any way a form of stereotyping but this will serve as a guide for the members to determine who are the people in authority. This will also help members recognize people who are in charge of the organization and development of the guild so that they could channel their concerns and ideas to the proper people. Revisions could still be made though.

     The guild will be led by 3 main divisions: the Core, High Council, and the Council.

     The core members are the foundation of the guild. They will oversee the entirety of the guild. The High Council will be under the core members. They are more like the loyalists of the guild. The Council comes next after the High Council.

     The following will explain the duties, responsibilities, incentives of each group, and how to be part of them.

     Not much is to be said about the core. They are in charge of everything. They will be the party leaders during woe. They manage the entire guild. It is not possible to be promoted or invited in this division unless the whole core decides upon it under certain circumstances.

     It is only through invitation that one can join the High Council. The core members and current High Council members will vote if someone is deserving to be part of the team. If ever an invitation is made, one is given the option to accept or reject it. Once rejected, chances will be little for him to join if ever renominated. High Council members will not receive any supply or salary. They will help in rgm. They can be party leaders if any core will request them to be one. They will oversee who is afk or not in the castle during woe. Workaholic much? On the brighter side, they have invite and expel powers. They can host big guild events. They are also capable of moving motions. Motions are like suggestions wherein the core and High Council will vote upon it if it will be approved or not. Nominations for a rank up or down are also part of the motions.

     The council helps in rgm. They have invitiation powers. Only supply will be given to them. They cannot move a motion or vote on it. If ever they have an idea, they may be able to address it to the High Council or core.

     Again, it is only through nomination, votation, and invitation for one to be in the High Council and Council. Certain criteria are set to be in the said positions.

Core Members:

Kagami Kyouji/Toxa - GM
ChocoLove/Bagz - Sub GM
ObiClutchKenobi - Sub GM
RayGun.v.2/Jovs - Core Member
Kyras Azariah/Jp - Core Member

High Council:


     We move on to the Empyreanism, Empyrealist, Empyrean, and Recruit. I personally decide if one deserves to be in a certain position. I base my decisions on loyalty, activeness, closeness or relationship with the guild and also the length of your stay. If ever you try to ask for a change in nickname, well that would earn you a -1 for a rank up. Empyreanism will be the highest attainable position and is given to significant and deserving members only. Empyreanism members will most likely be subjected to nomination for promotion to the council. Next to Empyreanism is Empyrealist and then the Empyreans. Everybody starts out as a recruit.

     Hope this will keep things organized.

-Toxa Classico I

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