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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Breakers Galore

     Fewer than the usual on a Wednesday woe with 28 online, Empyreal went on a trip around Prontera Castles.

     We faced Kings and Exile in Fadhgridh. On the first few attempts of Exile, fending them off was not an issue. My attention was called when a party was asking for a guild invitation so I warped to the turf and invited them in the guild. Their names seemed familiar and they looked experienced. As Exile prepared for an all out offense at pre emp, so did we prepare for a solid defense in the emp room. Although I highly doubted our chances of surviving the assault, we took our chances. We braced ourselves as they entered the room. As I expected, the spam rate was just unbelievable. Not that I'm accusing the guild of cheating but the speed isn't just normal. It may be Bragi's effect or it may be something else. I will just clarify again that no accusation were thrown to the said guild. So much with that. We failed to retain possession of the castle. An attempt to regain ownership failed despite the regrouping done at pre emp. The guest party, our lks, and I even didn't manage to penetrate the defense. With the others dead, the farthest i reached was above the stairs. I got mobbed then poof.

     Gondul was on the list in the trip. Destruction Elite's number didn't justify their defense. I ecalled against DE and we got the castle. Everytime I ecalled in Gondul, it was the same guild defending it and their fate didn't change.

     Kriemhild was next and Hellion was fully armed in defending it. After the clash between Hellion and us, we ended as victors.

     In the middle of the woe, the guests left since their original guild will be woeing. I then figured out that the guys were from BP after a short conversation with some of them in an inn. The woe continues.

    We went back to Fad and Exile was currently the castle holder. We tried to give it a shot but it didn't work out.

    At Skoegul, we faced DT, Kings, BP, FP, and Gungnir. We managed to defend the castle but the unending invasion waves caused us to lose possession of the castle.

    After the castle hopping at Prontera, we went after Neuschwanstein. I was expecting Sige Pagkalat Mo to go after us again. But prior to the much expected SPM show off, Hellion sought revenge by following us at Neusch. Their plot of retaliation didn't succeed. I left the castle and looked for another since I was expecting SPM to arrive. And so, the much awaited guests did arrive while I was out. After a few moments of holding off SPM without me in the castle, Fishpond seconded SPM. With 2 guilds attacking, the defense failed with FP taking over. Together with a breaker(sorry I forgot who it was), we managed to take Skoe and I did my last EC. A minute was left and I tried to go with Vhon at Gondul but he wasn't there. We ended up having Skoe.

     In the duration of the woe, 5 breakers kept on breaking for the guild. The breakers were Vhon, Rurouni Jedi, Lord Nataku, Kenshin X, and Arthur!. They were superb in breaking although luck wasn't at their side in the last minute since we were quite busy at Skoe.

    Again, to the mentioned guilds, I do assume they're friendly matches.

-Toxa Classico I

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