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Monday, June 13, 2011

Against Mercenaries

    The core members have decided to suspend the recruitment process for June 13's woe due to the current issues at hand which was mentioned on the previous post. Spies have been suspected to have infiltrated or infiltrate the guild thus leading the core to the said course of action. The guild pushed through with its current set of known members. The headcount reached up to 18 only since some had personal appointments on the day and also not to mention that it is the first day of classes for most of us.

     Despite being incapacitated with the amount of members, the fight continued. We executed several hostage scenarios at Neuschwanstein, Fadhgridh, Skoegul, and Gondul.

     After successfully casting ecall at Repherion, we fought against Swastikas, which was the owner of the castle, for possession of the castle. The operation was successful. We took hold of the fortress after the bloody fight. We went back to Neusch after it. Unsurprisingly, Sige Pagkalat Mo gathered its freshly recruited mercenaries at pre emp. We were fighting against the odds. They were successful in their attempt to overthrow us from the castle. I highly believe that the invasion was still part of the current issues between both guilds and for display of "power".

     In the last 10 minutes of woe, we settled at Skoegul. Kings then ambushed us. We managed to somehow keep most of them off but several other guilds entered the castle forcing us to break the hostaged emperium. Kings went back for another round but this time we could not hold them off. Everybody was frantic since we did not want to experience a similar fate with that of Saturday's woe where we did not have a castle. We aimed for Neusch in the last 3 minutes. La Squadra Dei Falchi was on guard. Magica was our rival for castle ownership. I already doubted if we would win against Magica since they have a suspicious spam rate. Legit or not, we can not tell. I casted ecall but for some unfathomable reason, fate was ill to us. As the others spawned, La Squadra's pitcher was not able to cope up having Magica shatter the emperium, warping us out of the castle, and leaving us 40 seconds to get a castle. It was obvious that obtaining a castle was impossible given the remaining time.

      Nonetheless, the guild is not affected from not having castles and the losses from that close minded guild. =P

     The woe wasn't that bad at all. They are all part of a learning process. It is in these times that we can determine who sticks with the guild and who are the mercenaries.

-Toxa Classico I

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