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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Empyreal Goes Red

     Along with the change of the emblem color, the Empyreal turned red. For a change, the Empyreans were required to change their cloth and hair palette to red. As with the mentioned issue with a guild from my previous post, I tried to talk with them in the most diplomatic way that I can but it turned out that all their replies were trash. It did displayed and proved how irrational and close minded they are for dragging in the whole guild into the issue. I was even expecting to have a decent discussion with their gm but I was mistaken. Well so much for that. It was an pointless conversation so I left them expecting an assault based on their immature attitudes.

     Woe started unusually with 40 Empyreans online. Around 10 to 15 were new recruits while the rest just woke up early. Slightly late in woe due to the numerous members online to be given supply to, we eyed for Neuschwanstein again. After quite some time, the moment I had been expecting came. SPM was gathering its forces outside preparing for an assault. We managed to keep them of for several waves but in one of their attempts, the opposing team managed to ecall because of the poor retrapping system of the snipers. Again, being disorganized was a dilemma, not to mention that most of the members still lack experience. We tried to retaliate but failed despite several attempts. The members could just not match their numerous mercenary edp members. Seeing how impossible it was to match up with their mercenaries, I decided to go after another castle. Another guild seemed to take possession of Neusch so I decided to go back there. We defended it and ended up going against Dream Team in the last few minutes.. We were unsuccessful in guarding the castle. I decided to try Fadhgridh but everybody was cramming and Kings was defending Fad. I casted ecall in the pre emp of Neusch in the last 2 minutes for a full force attack but we didn't manage to pass through the choking defense of DT. Our 9 woe streak of having a castle was broken since we didn't manage to get 1 in the end.

     All I can say is that we fought til the end knowing we play fair and we keep our feet on the ground. Some guilds are/have become arrogant, close minded, irrational, and too proud. That's what makes us different from them. What we're after is fun and camaraderie.

P.S. Red flame is weaker than blue. xD

-Toxa Classico I

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