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Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Faces

     Unlike the other Saturday woes where Jovs and Jp/Kyras Azariah are left to lead the Empyreans, Bagz and I were the available for a Saturday woe. It's unusual for us to attend Saturday woe since we have classes. Jovs was out for a class outing while Jp had to enroll. Like the usual Saturday woes, most Empyreans are late. When the woe commenced, there were only 13 to 15 members online.We defended Neuschwanstein against several guilds. As woe progressed, the Empyreans started to go online, raising the members online to 30. We fought against Sige Pagkalat Mo, Domo, Fishpond, and Soul Revelion. In the last 1 minute, I stormed in Eeyolbriggar with Bagz and Don/Kato~ backing me up. I successfully broke Eeyol. The woe ended with us occupying Neusch and Eeyol.
    In this woe, new faces surfaced, pledging their loyalty to the guild. This is a new batch of Empyreans, a new set of friends. Time will determine the friendship.

Here are some pics from the woe:

-Toxa Classico

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