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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guild Issues

     Like any other guild, our guild has its own share of issues and dilemmas. Last May 25, on a Wednesday woe, 3 Empyreans were victimized by an impostor. The impostor used my name to get the trust and ask for the account details of some members. Woe was ongoing when the impostor did his dirty job. It was highly unfortunate for our fellow Empyreans to fall for the impostor's trickery. I have already reported the impersonator and the char got banned already. Right now, I'm having his/her main account traced for us to know who is behind this. Even though the char used for impersonating me got banned, there is another impostor pming Empyreal members and attempting to ask for account details.

     Another issue that arose was the dispute between Stacy and Stello. Both unceasingly insulted each other in the guild chat, which even reached to the FB group chat, despite the numerous warnings I gave them. Stacy left the guild just in time when I decided to kick both of them to settle things between them and return once they're done with it. Stacy decided to return to the guild while Stello left. I would like to stress out that there is no favoritism here. Both were actually welcome to return to the guild as long as they have settled the matter already. I want the members to at least get along well with each other.

     Despite being hacked, the three hacked members still decided to play. Their fellow Empyreans are willing to aid them to recover from the incident.

     There is/are still impersonator/s roaming around trying to hack our comrades. Be cautious and NEVER GIVE YOUR ACCOUNT DETAILS OR ITEMS FOR NO CORE MEMBER OR EVEN ME WILL ASK FOR THEM.

     "The current happenings made me realize something. Our guild is growing for we are faced with new challenges. When something starts to grow or progress, obstacles start to arise to try to topple it down. It is in these moments that we stand side by side, shoulder to shoulder, and hand in hand, and work together."

Play safe!

-Toxa Classico I

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