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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quantity Over Quality

June 22 - Motivation and excitement was barely oozing from me several hours prior to woe. A mist of negativity shrouded me as woe drew near. Nonetheless, I set up a pub in Prontera to recruit a few guys since we were quite short in members. Pessimistic as I was, the recruitment wasn't fruitful at all. I only got a handful of 2 or 3 players. Woe time arrived and the number just hit up to 23.

     We set our defense in our castle from the previous woe which was Skoegul. As expected, our ever loving antagonist was after our tail again. They had been maximizing their mercenary for hire campaign before woe. Fending them off was no biggie at first. Because of this, they gathered every single gunman they had, preparing for an all out assault . They were approximately around 40 or 50. On the other side of the room, around 8 or 9 were defending the portal, 3 supporters on the other side, 1 gunner guarding the emperium, and 1 trapper. It was time for another bloody clash between us. As they entered, I remembered the Persian assault against the Spartans in the movie 300. Despite their immense number, one by one they fell to their knees. We brought down around half or more than half of them. Casualties on our side were inevitable. Amidst the chaos, their GM, under the protection of a paladin, cast ecall, recalling all his mercenaries by his side thirsting for blood and gold. It was too much burden for us to carry.

     We went back to Fadhgridh and went against DT. We had a good match against them.

     While defending Fad, we were laso up against BP. This was the highlight of this woe. We managed to defend the castle but after several waves, we weren't able to stop them. After a few minutes, I entered Fad not knowing it was BP defending it. I only realized it when I was at the pre emp room trying to dodge their arrows, blades, and spells. I decided to give it a shot. I successfully ecalled and everybody rushed to the emperium. Then, we were able to take possession of the castle.

     We also faced Generals at Neuschwanstein. We had a good fight with them.

     With the woe about to end, we settled at Neusch. Fishpond's eyes were set at Neusch with around 5 minutes left. We kept them off. In the last minute, they did a final assault causing everyone's adrenaline to rise. The battle was pretty intense since either sides want to have a castle. In the end, we were able to stop them as the clock struck 12. This was another highlight of the woe.

     The friendly matches against the mentioned guilds were surely intense and fun.

     Quantity over quality.

-Toxa Classico I

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