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"The highest reaches of heaven, believed by the ancients to be a realm of pure light"

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rampage Mode

     Several high paying mercenary guilds have popped up together with their questionable wealth and lured gunmen to fight for them.

     Despite being numerically incapacitated, the Empyreans were ready to fight hand in hand with each other. We valiantly drew our swords and charged in to battle. As we faced a swarm of mercenaries, a mist of unknown power shrouded each and everyone of us. It was like we were all high and buffed up for battle. Everybody seemed to be in rampage mode. The extensive army of the enemies didn't justify their strength. The performance was just too superb.

     Mythology made numerous attempts against us at Neuschwanstein but despite all of the assaults, we held our ground. with 4 minutes remaining, their GM ecall at pre emp causing a swarm of them to enter the emp room. We didn't manage to hold them off, making them get possession of the castle. We launched a counter attack with 1 minute remaining. We managed to break their defense and I managed to ecall at the emp room with 30 seconds left. Everybody charged to the emperium. Vhon was hitting the emp with 10 seconds remaining but unfortunately, his armor got stripped. I rushed my dual breaker lk to the emperium but it was too late. We were seconds away in regaining possession of the castle but sadly we weren't successful.

     Although we were few, we proved that strength does not come in numbers. It's the bond each member shares that gives us the strength to face the adversities. All in all, woe was a blast. Hopefully, the Empyreans can sustain the performance in the future woes.

     A video and photos from this woe:

-Toxa Classico I

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