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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Arunafeltz and Schwartzvald Guild Dungeon Access

*This contains a guide for Arunafeltz and Schwartzvald guild dungeon access*

     My classes were suspended and I got the chance to join woe v.2. I got Mardol with 1 minute remaining. Someone from Coup Plotters Revenge showed up with 10 seconds left but I successfully kept him away from the emperium with the remaining time using force lightning.

     Access to the Arunafeltz Guild Dungeon is allowed to all Empyreans as long as the castle is our possession.

      Here are the steps on how to access the dungeon.

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      How to Get Castle Drops

     1. Go inside your possessed castle using the flag.

     2. Look for the series of flags usually located near the emperium. Look for the highest numbered flag (usually LF-08 or LF-10) and choose Go to convenience facility.

     3. Look for the Mysterious Sunflower. Then choose Hold the stem.

     4. You will then be warped to the dungeon. Enjoy farming! :)

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