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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Updates? Updates? Updates!

   Did I say it right? Updates? Yes! Updates indeed! The website, Dark RO Pie, and Force will be having updates.

   Update on Force
  • not much new content (some renewal content have been applied into Force)
  • new features
  • new client
  • pvp updates
  • a lot of bug fixing
   Pie Update
  • new features
  • new content (Harmony, etc)
  • others
   Website Update
  • Forum will be updated
  • Wiki will be back
  • Redesign of website
   Back ups will be made.

   There is no exact time when things will be down this weekend and up again, probably around 5 hours to 1 day.

   While things are down, keep updated or have a chat with the staff and other members of the community in IRC. IRC Link

   To avoid issues with the update, it is highly recommended to update your KRO to the latest version and patch the client as well..

   Although the updates have been tested, bugs may be inevitable so let us help by reporting anything you find.

   Here's the link to the complete discussion on the topic on Updates Weekend by Matias.

   Hoping for the best for the updates. May the force be with you!

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