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Monday, May 6, 2013

May the 4th Be with You!

May 4 is considered as Star Wars Day with the "May the Fourth Be with You" phrase commonly said on the day and is a pun for the famous "May the Force be with You" in the Star Wars Saga. See what they did there? It actually started when Britain's first female prime minister's party placed an advertisement that said "May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie. Congratulations!".

Dark RO Force is a heavily customized Star Wars themed server. In celebration of Star Wars Day, different events were held by the Dark RO Force Event Team. Events to be held link.

One event that took place was the fight of the Jedis against the Siths. Jedi characters were asked to warp into a certain map to defeat the dark side of the force and fought against the Sith.

Each mob drops 1 silver coin and the Sith Lord MVP drops 1 gold coin to whoever fearless Jedi slayed them. As of the moment, only the Sith Lord remains alive.

The Jedi Council pleads to all Jedis to stand up and fight the Dark Side! Just warp to gef_fild01 93 43 and enter the portal. There awaits the Sith Lord.

May the force be with you!

I joined the event and it was really fun. The Siths were really a challenge and they did hurt but it was easy when I figured it out. The Sith Lord was like fngdshtjsagijxorahjdslk!!! It was really hard and impossible to kill because of the number of minions he spawns and the massive HP.  I got 5 silver coins from the event. Give it a try guys. Here are some screenies when I joined the event.

gef_fild01 93 43

Sith Lord MVP
Eliminate the sith lord, you must. Use the power of the force!

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