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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pie's Future

   Dark RO is one of the oldest servers still running and never had a wipe. Both Dark RO Pie and Dark RO Force have been through tough times but still hold their ground.

   There has been a discussion whether to have a wipe or not in Dark RO Pie. It is to "refresh" the server due to several reasons including lack of challenge and fun in the game for most players, few number of players, and others, hoping to give it a fresh start, with everyone on the same level, relive the fun, and encourage new players to join the server. Here's the discussion about the wipe.

   Administrator Matias announced the decision made by the staff regarding that matter.

   Here are some things pointed out by Matias on Pie's future.

  • Pie will go through a beta phase.
  • There will be NO WIPE.
  • Pie will be updated to renewal mechanics and renewal content.
  • The rates will not be modified.
  • Third jobs will temporarily be disabled.
  • Godly and high level equipment will have their effect discarded.
  • WoE changes/Battlegrounds
  • From eAthena to Hercules
  • Staff changes
  • Donations will be disabled.
   Here's the link of the announcement of Matias on Pie's Future.

   I personally have tried Pie before and I did enjoy playing Ragnarok with the challenge on leveling, farming, hunting, and others to mention. I would like to invite those who like low rate servers and even those not really into low rate servers to try out Dark RO Pie.

   Wishing for the server's community to grow. More power to Dark RO!

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