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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

[October 21, 2013] Force Update

     Locked 'n Loaded! If you're a fan of gunslingers, then this update is for you. The update last October 21, 2013, is mostly about boosting the gunslinger class and some bug fixings.
     Matias also mentioned in his post that he is in his last 3 weeks of internship which was causing him to have a hard time with updates and projects for the server. Once he is done, he mentioned of getting back on track. Hopefully, he will.

Here's the list of updates.

  • Gunslingers and Ninja's are now able to equip Trans items, (particulary only the ones labeled as "Can be worn by all trans jobs" items)
  • Fixed Items being droppable (Nofear Headband, Red Glasses,Elephant Hat, Ski Goggles and Mischevious Fairy)
  • Removed Fallen Bishop's 10% MATK

  • Fixed buying store crashing when opening a Selling store. 
  • Fixed 0hp characters unable to login
  • Fixed Getting out of jail when diying

  • Fixed Donation Manager's Custom Headgear's not showing when Browsing around.
  • Fixed Platinum Skill's NPC, which will now give you back your missing skills.

  • Fixed Please Don't Forget Me affecting allies.
  • Fixed Skills cooldown issue, which made Skills appear as black (as if they were on a never ending delay)
  • Fixed Marionette Control never ending 
  • Fixed Landprotector/Spiderweb cancelling each other
  • Fixed Thunderstorm missing sometimes.

Gunslinger Updates
  • Gunslinger's VIT/HP ratio has been increased by a 30%
  • As mentioned before, they are now able to wear Trans items.
  • Reduced Fullbuster's Cooldown from 1+(0.2s*SkillLV) to 0.01+0.02*SkillLV
  • Flip Coin coin's will now grant you a 2*Active Coins% damage reduction from Weapon damage.
  • Madness Canceller's cast time has been removed and the After cast delay has been increased to 30 seconds adds 20% more damage.
  • Increase Accuracy grants +50 HIT. Duration has been extended to 5 minutes
  • Rapid's Shower delay has lowered to .75.
  • Spread attack is now a 3x3 AoE ground-targetted skill

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