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Thursday, October 24, 2013

[Event] Fatal Frame

   Trick or Treat! Halloween is near and the annual Halloween Screenshot Event is here!

  • 1 Screenshot per person.
  • Post should ONLY include what is requested of you in the stated format. If there is extra your entry will be forfeit.
  • Photoshoping your image is NOT allowed.
  • You can have unlimited people in your screen shot but only the forum poster will receive the prize.
  • You must have at least 50 posts OR have an account older than 3 months to enter and no more than 30% warn.
  • Horror is defined very specifically therefore the Events GM will be lenient as far as SciFi/Fantasy Horror
  • No duplication of movies posted. Max is one movie = 2SS's and they cannot be of the same scene.
  • Event Staff are NOT allowed to join, Staffs are not allowed to use staff characters to participate
  • Judges will be me and 2 other staff member


        October 6, 2013 - October 31, 2013

  • 1st Place - Taru Neko Cru (Animated Black Cat Hat)
  • 2nd Place - 1 Gold Coin
  • Runners Up - 1 Silver Coin
Happy Halloween!

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