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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

[May 28, 2013] Force Update

Join the force or be seduced by the dark side of RO!

   Here are the changes in force as stated by Administrator Matias.

   There's not much content for force on this update. It's mostly bug fixing. Force has been moved from eAthena to Hercules and Force being highly customized has a LOT of changes that needed to be in compatibility with the new software, which took about 1 month between testing and all. So while the new update might not bring much new content now, it will help a lot in the future.

Fixed the Broadcaster's problem with PMs
- Changed Kafras' save point
- Morroc NPCs have been relocated a bit to match the new morroc map
- Yoda has his own sprite now! This means WoE:SE Castles Stones will no longer be Yoda
- Fixed some NoPK restrictions being bypassed (Inside Out Shirt for example)

- Fixed Converters Status Icons
- Changed the implementation for Reins of Mount (It is now a single item)
- Fixed some items with discarded effect not having it discarded

- Fixed Autoberserk triggering at 75% HP
- Fixed Gravitational Field not ignoring Player's DEF
- Cold, Fire, Lighting bolts get 0.1+0.1*SkillLV Delay
- Thunderstorm delay goes from 2s to 1.5s. Duration goes from 0.5s to 2s
- Stormgust duration goes down from 4.6s to 2.5s (Reducing time between hits)
- Earthspike gets raised to level 10. Casttime turns to 0.7*SkillLV seconds. Cooldown is 1 second fixed.
- Ganbantein's delay is removed.
- Fixed Cold Skin status infliction chances
- Fixed Force Duplication duration issues
- Fixed Basillica's Behavior (Was a bit weird)
- Fixed Aspersio not being removed once you un-equip items
- Monks Combo is now fixed. (Might require some more testing)
- Fixed Ensemble bugs issues 
- Fixed Strip issues

- Staff Characters now have a colored chat over their heads. I just need to re-adjust the colors.
- You may not use commands once you're dead now. 
- Shops
- Harmony has been tweaked, should no longer quick you (too often), when using q2.
- Also, Harmony Sprite Edit bans are active again! Boo all the cheaters :P
- Finally, and something I know a lot of you have been waiting for, you can now Vend and create S/B pubs in towns. As a result of this @shop command has been deprecated. (Same restrictions as before apply, you have to do it not in the middle of the road, not near another seller and not near an NPC)

May 31 Patch notes
- Fixed Payon Mapflags names swapped
- Fixed Fake Angel Wings not being dropped by Fake Angels
- *Supposedly* fixed the NPC Select box closing when going too fast
- Disabled Force Jump and Shadowjump on WoE Castles
- Fixed FCP/Chemical Protections And Strip status issues
- Fixed Peco Peco walking speed
- Fixed Issues with headgears not being equippable by Novices/other jobs
- Fixed some issues with custom items being dropped
- Re-added the missin Novice Castle NPC
- Fixed Sit icon crashing clients~
- Removed Sprakki from Novice Land
- Fixed an issue with WoE statistics
- FIxed several Item descriptions/Slots/Weights
- Fixed PvP Damage modifiers
- Added a few patches for some missing files in case it helps anyone~
- Fixed @ss not letting you buy items from a distance

June 03 Patch Notes
- Fixed wrong color for Staff in Announcement Message
- Fixed Issues with various skill-casting items (Such as Flywings and Scrolls)
- Fixed Novice potion, only works when below level 150. 
- Fixed Some items not being gstorable
- Fixed Leveling dungeon warping restrictions
- Fixed several headgears not being wear-able or trade-able 
- Fixed Traps duration 
- Fixed Guild Permit being non-tradable
- Fixed Apple of Idun HP Bonus
- Fixed Force Choke overall damage 
- Fixed Tuxedo/wedding dress sprites
- Fixed Hotel Employee NPC @ LHZ not Blessing 
- Fixed Strip chances 
- Fixed Novice Castle not allowing people to warp in.
- Fixed LHZ Cap 
- Fixed Force Duplication Names 
- Remove Sropho's effect 
- Fixed some issues with some items that werent having an effect (And should have)
- Nerfed LHZ and other mobs
- Fixed most skill delay issues

June 04 Patch Notes
- Fixed Skill delays
- Fixed Some missing headgears
- Fixed Bladestop not forbidding equip changes
- Fixed Undroppable Skulls & Paradise Gear
- Fixed Status Defence 
- Fixed Quest Skills disappearing 
- Fixed potion pitcher (It works with a target HP capped at 429,499 HP -THis is merely for formula calculations so it doesnt overflow)
- Fixed @who commands
- Reimplemented #force autojoin
- Implemented @pinvite and added @party to player commands
- Attempting to fix the Broadcaster NPC

 The development team will now focus on these projects:
  • Client side bugs (Description issues and such), there might be a lot of those, so give us a hand and report them all!
  • Renewal Items balancing (This update brought quite some new items as did the past, but some of those items are unbalanced. Balancing takes a lot of testing and time, so its going to be one big project)
  • Class improvements (Some classes have been slightly left off the whole Balancing work we've been doing in the past, such as Gunslinger)
And well, in general you can expect updates to come a lot more often thanks to this emulator change!

Report any bugs here.

   I do not own any of the content. Content is from Dark RO staff. Picture is from Dark RO website. Here's the link of the post.

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