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Sunday, June 16, 2013

[June 13, 2013] Force Update

June 13 Patch Notes
- Added Morocc Field missing mobs
- Removed Elemental Sword's effect.
- Fixed Tuxedo not showing sprite/Not removing it either. 
- Fixed Valkyrie items for Jedi/Sith classes
- Fixed some messed up headgears, yet again. 
- Removed Miming's card entirely from the server (Until we get an effect, it shall remain removed)
- Fixed issues with Greed (Client patch coming for this)
- Removed Magnum Break from Turtle General
- Fixed an issue with event coins giving that was crashing the server
- Fixed WoE statistics for emp breaking. Atk/Def kills have been stored since its implementation, Emp breaks will start being gathered from now on


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