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"The highest reaches of heaven, believed by the ancients to be a realm of pure light"

Monday, July 21, 2014

Missing Sailor Hint No. 1

   The wait is over and the quest begins! For those eager souls wanting to start the missing sailor quest, I've got something for you.

   I will not be disclosing the complete details of the quest because it would be totally lame. I might, at some point of the succeeding hints, post more specific information though.

   To start something is the hardest part in certain circumstances. Starting this quest sure is a difficult task.

   Finding the First NPC

       Ever participated in a hide and seek event? Then you've got the skill needed in that event to find in a town what you're looking for, a woman.

       Token Quest. Have you tried to deliver Zed the Rod from the quest manager when doing the token quest Mystic Wizard? You have to zoom in for you to see the head, right? Zed is in the same quadrant with that woman's place. If you know Zed, it would be easier for you to find what you're looking for. If not you should read this THQ Guide first. You might get additional clues.

   That's it for now. The succeeding posts may include additional clues to guide you on your quest. Now find the sailor!