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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Force Update: Christmas Theme

Halloween is by far over and its time to get a new celebration going, we've loaded up the Christmass spirit on DarkRO!

This update was pretty simple:
  • Prontera, Payon, Hugel and Morocc have received a new look for the holiday season.
  • Prontera, Payon and Geffen have been given a nice Christmas BGM.
  • Christmas Event's are back again!:
    • ​During Christmas Seasons, Antonio tries to attack Lutie, the ever-lasting Christmas City. He attempts to strike about three times per day and he goes with his most powerful peons. There are 4 rows of mobs. The mobs in the Invasion award more points than your regular invasion, are harder and also have a chance to drop a prize.

    • Antonio and his minions are trying to steal Christmas! We need to stop them!
      They stole the decorations from the 4 christmas trees around Rune Midgard (Prontera, Payon, Lutie and Hugel).
      You need to help save the spirit of christmas and save the decorations.
      You can only get decorations within Antonio's Factory. There are 3 types of decorations and each one is worth a specific amount of points. Once you found some, you can put them into the Christmas Trees around to gather the points.
      For every 15 points you'll be awarded 1BC.

      There are also 4 stars. Those are really hard to come by, as they're guarded very discretely so you don't find them (As we all know, Christmas STar is the most important decoration of the tree!). If you find a Star, you need to put it into one of the trees, however, each Tree needs its specific Star, so you need to know where to put it. If you put it in the wrong tree, it will fly away and someone else will be able to find it. There are only 4 stars around. And those stars are worth a ZOMG amount of points and a ZOMG rental Christmas Hat

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