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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Summer Grand Slam PvP Tournament

   Sorry for the long wait. Today I have found quite some time to do this short update.

   GM Mika, events GM, in collaboration with the FE team, will hold a Summer Grand Slam PvP Tournament. What's unique in this tournament is that the character's maximum level should only be 99/70. Certain items and cards have been restricted to promote quality and exhilarating party vs party experience. The prizes for the winning team would include 1 silver coin for each member and a grand slam event hat, Rune Circlet, which will last for a month.
   Although there is no definite date for the event, probably during Friday woe(server time), Saturday Woe(PH time) it sure is something to be looked forward.

   More details regarding the event. Link

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