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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Strip Skill Bug

Ignorance is not an excuse as they say. To save ourselves from being jailed or banned, we arm ourselves with appropriate information.

The problem lies with the strip shield skill of the stalkers. During the update, once a specific strip skills was done to an opponent and you attempt and successfully strip another part of his equipment, the former strip skill done is overridden, thus, allowing re-equipment of the previously stripped item.

The bug is that when you strip an armor, headgear, or weapon(successfully) first, then successfully do strip shield, the former stripped equipment status will not be cancelled. You won't be able to equip both equipment that were stripped.

In case you do a strip shield first then do another strip skill, the strip shield status will be removed.

To avoid being in a pinch, either use one single strip skill only or avoid using it at all if possible. Avoid using strip shield. If you use Metaling Card or Wikebine Tres Card, be sure not to use strip shield as well.

Successful single strip skill
Cancellation of previously stripped status

Two strip statuses

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