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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Matias' Current Situation

    Bugs and the lack of update has been an issue for quite a while. The game has gotten redundant and boring which resulted to players getting bored and some even decided to leave the server. Let's see what the administration has to say on this matter.

    Administrator Matias released a word explaining his current real life situation and how it affects his work in  maintaining the server. He mentioned that he is working on his thesis at the moment as he is on his last semester, hopefully. All the real life and in game issues get him stressed and depressed as he claimed. Many projects are still on hold since he has issues to resolve and due to the lack of staff members. Yet he assured that he is not resigning, quitting nor closing the server anytime soon and even quoted that he doesn't plan to.

"I am not quitting, resigning, closing the server or anything at all. I didnt do that back when things were upside down and i wont do it anytime soon (And dont even plan to), but with my motivtion down my interest in actively dealing with the community as I always used to has dropped down, although I have not stoped working behind the curtains on the new website (Which is close to be done) or on some updates/features." Matias said.

    Dark RO has been running for more than 7 years and has withstood the test of time. It may have lost a number of players but others continue to stand by it despite bad situations.

    Good luck on your endeavors GM Matias!

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  2. im sorry for what isay, but this is the last action ill do, ill farm again at gold room to be fair on the players, like the years past, i have so many friends in this game, and we dont want to go down again the server..hope the further action for what ive lost thats all, and ill continue playing.. THANK YOU ^^

    1. I'm sorry for your loss. There are just really some circumstances that are beyond the players' control. Continue enjoying the game with your friends.. And thanks for dropping by. May the force be with you!